When God Is Silent

I spent some time reading and praying yesterday about today’s Teach Me Tuesday post. If there has been one key truth God has been teaching me recently it’s that life and encouragement are found in the lessons He is teaching, not in the ideas that spring out of my own understanding. And yesterday was a day of not sensing any new truths to share.

This month, I’ve been focusing on the truth that we are not alone. This morning, as I did some personal study on this subject, one truth seemed to stand out. God promises to NEVER leave or forsake us. But He does not promise we will FEEL His presence daily. He will go before us to lead the way, be with us in every circumstance we face, but there are times when our awareness of His presence will be missing. So what are we to do during such times?

As I prayed about this earlier today, three things came to mind.

1. When God is silent, remember He is still there. Keep seeking His face.

2. Go back to the last thing(s) He spoke to you, and be sure you are walking out the previous truths He has shown you.

3. Rest in the Lord as you wait for His next instructions.

One of the recurring messages I’ve heard over the past two and a half months is that faith doesn’t focus far into the future. Faith is walking in obedience to the steps God has already revealed. As Joni Eareckson Tada has said, “it’s simply taking God at His Word and taking the next step.” Sometimes, God is waiting for us to get moving so He can continue to lead us into the future He has for us.




9 thoughts on “When God Is Silent

    • Teaching Tuesday (actually Teach Me Tuesday) is a weekly post I do for God-Living Girls, a Christian support group for ladies with chronic illness that I work with. Usually, I also share the posts on my personal blog as well, under the category Teaching Tuesday.

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  1. I read somewhere “Never doubt in the dark what God told you in the light.” I thought it was important enough to write in the front of my prayer diary. I usually note where it came from, but this is one time I didn’t.

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    • I’ve heard that from so many sources I wasn’t sure who the quote was originally from. It appears it was from Dr. V. Raymond Edman, a former president of Wheaton College, where Billy Graham went.


      • Thanks for the author of my comment. As an ex-librarian, I usually quote my sources. This must nor have had one when I read it. I’ll add it now 🙂

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    • Sometimes it’s definitely true that He’s waiting on us to seek Him, Melissa. I suspect God also sometimes delays the answers for other reasons, such as He knows as hearts aren’t ready to receive what He needs to show us or perhaps we’re leaning too much on emotions and He’s teaching us lessons about walking by faith. No matter what the reason, His timing is perfect even if it makes no sense to us.

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    • Thanks, Lyudmila. I’m learning that truth that ministers to others is truth God is teaching me and I’m working to apply to my personal life. This has been a week of struggle, when the emotions weren’t there, but I knew God hadn’t left me. Staying steady during such times takes an effort, but with God’s stength it isn’t impossible.


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