Why, Lord?

This post is written to link with Five Minute Friday, where we write spontaneously for five minutes on a one-word prompt.  The prompt this week is “why.”

Oh, how many times I’ve asked this question! Why, Lord, did you allow the accident that took the life of our firstborn daughter Teresa and left me in a wheelchair?

Why, Lord, was our son David born with so many health problems? Why did You allow him to have such bad seizures as an infant that they left him with profound mental retardation and multiply health problems?

And more recently, why, Lord, did you allow David to get pneumonia during Hurricane Harvey, when getting the medication he desperately needed took days? Why did he end up in the hospital for almost a month and come home with even greater health problems than before?

Over the years, I’ve learned that these questions seldom receive an answer – other than, “trust Me.” God has taught me to stop asking why and instead come to Him in surrender, asking Him what He wants me to learn from the current circumstances.

This week, I found myself watching the news out of Florida and again asking why. But this week, different answers came. Why, Lord, did You allow this to happen? My child, I have no place in the public schools of America. You are seeing the results of this.

When I see events such as the murder of seventeen people this week by a young man who had made his desire to become the biggest mass murderer in a school known to many, even the FBI, and was ignored, I see a nation in desperate need of repentance. I hear God’s cry loud and clear to pray for our nation. I hope you will join me in this commitment.

3 thoughts on “Why, Lord?

  1. Hi Barbara – I’m next door to you at #65 in the FMF linkup today. I have 2 teens with autism so I understand what you’re saying about the “why” questions eventually leading to trust in God. I feel that, too.

    I don’t believe God allowed the Florida shooting because He has been taken out of schools. God is Spirit, and He is present in any school where those who love Him walk the halls. He doesn’t say “Since you no longer have structured prayers in this public school, I’ll let someone walk in and kill 17 people.” He is not vengeful and petulant, but loving and compassionate.


  2. I agree that God is loving and compassionate, but I also know there are times when He chooses to step back and allow us to face the consequences of our own actions. Much of the suffering in this world simply comes from the fact that we live in a world broken by sin. I don’t presume to know why God chose to allow this tragedy, anymore than I presume to know why He allowed a drunk driver to hit our vehicle and take the life of our eighteen-month-old child. But I do believe God gives us a free will. I believe He is able to bring good out of even this horrible situation. But for me, my main response was a renewed call to prayer for our nation, for repentance and restoration to biblical values.


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