Five Minute Friday: Visit

When was the last time you actually visited someone? I’m sorry to say for me it has been a long time. There are some practical reasons for this, but that doesn’t negate the fact that in-person visits are of value.

Living with chronic illness makes it unsafe for me to drive.  That combined with difficulties traveling by myself, limited stamina for outings, my husband’s busy schedule, and financial pressures have made me basically a stay-at-home person. With my husband’s help, I make it to doctors’ appointments and to our church most Sunday mornings, but otherwise I’m home bound. Most of my friends are ladies I either haven’t seen in years or have never actually met in person. 

With today’s technology, I’ve become accustomed to online relationships, and that in itself isn’t bad. In fact, many times my online contacts are my main source of both daily encouragement and of encouraging others. But the value of actual in-person visits can’t be totally replaced by typing a message into a text, Facebook post or email. I long for a way to visit extended family and friends more often.

The apostle John understood the importance of visiting the people he was called to minister to. He used letters to send messages to the churches, but he recognized this was not a substitute for actually seeing others face-to-face. In 2 John 1:12, he made it clear that sometimes we really need to make a way to visit others in person. To fail to find room for this in our lives is to miss one of the major joys of the Christian life.

Right now, infrequent visits are a fact of life for me. But my hope and prayer is that this won’t always be true. I long to meet some special friends I’ve grown to love and yet never actually had an opportunity to visit with. But until that happens, I choose to rejoice in the few local friends I’m able to have contact with and my circle of online friends. And I never want to forget my “friend who sticks closer than a brother,” the Lord Jesus Christ. 

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Visit

  1. Hi, Your post is a beautiful reminder for me to not take for granted my circle of friends as well. Whether online or in person, we need to be lifting each other up and encouraging one another in Christ. Thanks for sharing a difficult part of your story with us today.


    • Thanks for your comment, Bethany. The main purpose of my blog is to encourage other women who live with the limits of chronic illness, and this week’s focus was perfect for that.


  2. I’m glad that while your face-to-face contact with friends is limited you have been able to find friendship and encouragement through online community, and I’m grateful to be part of your circle of online friends!

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  3. This has basically become my life as well. I do love people and conversations but find that I can interact better via writing vs speaking–less tiring. However, church people are important and attending services (morning) remain valuable. I’ve found ways to interact. But sadly I have yet to manage evening activities. My family understands and goes out of their way to make our lives as ‘daytime’ as possible. I don’t do naps well. I tend to fare better during the summer when my pain of OA and FM lessen. I still deal with an energy crisis, focus crisis, among some other challenges. But my symptoms are less. I am afflicted with managing to stay comfortable as I have rather severe sensitivities to temps going downward and to noise. Definitely, this princess feels the pea! If I do have face to face time with folks or shared activities, it will be what I am passionate and compassionate about. Well-worth any potential crashes and recovery time.


    • Thanks for your comment, Julie. It sounds like we have a lot in common – OA and FM are two of my diagnoses too, and I don’t manage much during nightime either. I’m grateful to at least be able to get to church on most Sunday mornings, and thankful for all the online encouragement during every day.


  4. I’m visiting from the FMF link up–it’s nice to meet you! I don’t do a lot of visiting in real life nowadays, either–mostly because we’re so busy and we live out of town (a very small town). Like you, I spend most of my interactions on social media. This summer I’m looking forward to meeting some of my Internet friends in real life :).

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