Tuesday at Ten {A Moment I Will Never Forget…}

This post is a part of Tuesday at Ten, the Tuesday blog Link up where Karen posts a prompt phrase and you use that phrase as a part of your writing. This week’s prompt is “A Moment I Will Never Forget.”

I was sitting in a high school Latin classroom, in 1963, and the other students had left for the day. The teacher had offered to tutor me free of charge, because I was really struggling with learning this ancient language, and frankly wondering what I would gain from learning it. She worked with me for a couple hours a week to help me pass this class, but what I remember from this day had nothing to do with Latin. It was the words she said to me, as we took a break from the Latin instruction to watch a special news report on the television. She said, “You’ll never forget where you were on this day when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.” She was right.


Fifty-two years later, I don’t remember a word of Latin. But I did pass this class, finished high school and college, and went on to be a teacher myself. I don’t even remember the name of this kind Latin teacher who cared enough to spend many hours helping me.  But I definitely do remember this teacher and her words to me on this memorable day. This was a moment I’ll never forget!


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