Five Minute Friday::Doubt

Today I’m joining the ladies at Five Minute Friday, for five minutes of free writing. Today’s topic is doubt. If you’re interested in learning more about Five Minute Fridays, check Kate Motaung’s site Heading Home.

This morning got off to a busy start, which wasn’t a good thing for me physically. By the time I sat down with my breakfast, I was in such excruciating back pain that my hands were shaky as I tried to eat my cereal. I saw right away that a good part of this day would need to be spent in rest or my husband’s and my plans for tonight would have to be changed.

I tend to be a perfectionist, and my to-do list is usually longer than anyone could tackle in a day. As a sufferer of several chronic illnesses, I’ve learned the importance of rest. There are two kinds of rest, physical rest and the kind of rest that Jesus spoke of in the gospel of Matthew. The author of Hebrews, in chapter 4,  also taught on rest. He said that two things keep us from entering the mental and spiritual rest that God has for us. The first is disobedience to the known will of God, and the second is unbelief – doubting the character and the Word of God.

Today, I need physical rest. But every day I need spiritual rest. I partake of that by taking on the yoke of Jesus, walking with Him at my side throughout the day. He says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light – unlike my typical to-do list. It’s time to rest in Him and learn from Him what He wants me to do with the time He has given me. If I ask without doubting, He promises to answer!


9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday::Doubt

  1. I like the idea of finding rest by trusting God’s Word and his character- it’s certainly hard to feel at rest if we’re doubting that. I love the verses from Matthew too. I was thinking about them a lot yesterday- it’s funny how often we seem to be thinking along the same lines!

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  2. Very lovely piece of writing and I had to smile because on my morning walks i’ve taken to stopping in a small Chapel and having a short communion before I head off to start my day. There’s a Bible in there and sometimes I feel a call to open it at random; a few days ago, I opened it on Matthew 11: 28….just exactly the words I needed to hear. It was a great comfort. Hoping you manage(d) to enjoy the evening you had planned and that you’re able to rest over the weekend. Helen

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    • Thanks for your kind comments. My tendency toward perfectionism makes this non-edited writing a real stretch for me. As soon as I post it, I can think of several better ways to get across what I was trying to say. Glad the message came through.

      We had a good time tonight, at our adult Sunday school class combination social and prayer time. Tonight we were focusing on prayer for persecuted Christians, especially American Pastor Saeed, who will have been imprisoned for his faith in Iran for three years tomorrow. Resting today made it possible for me to go tonight, relax and enjoy being with some dear friends.


      • Hah, that’s what I love about FMF: no time for editing! It’s such great practice! Your evening sounds very replenishing and worthy: it is too too sad to think of anyone who is persecuted for their faith. So pleased to hear you were able to share time with friends. So important. Hoping you’re able to rest and replenish today. Helen xx

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