Five Minute Friday: GOAL

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post for Five Minute Friday. But this week’s writing prompt: GOAL, was too fitting for me to pass up. Recently, God has given me a new goal that has become my new purpose in life.

During May, I led a group of ladies in God-Living Girls with Chronic Illness through a mini-Bible study entitled Verse by Verse, Growing Closer to God. The study we used was written by Jodie Barrett and Donna Fender of Faithfully Following Ministries, and I had already planned to do the study so I volunteered to lead it in our group.

What I didn’t know at the time was that God was going to use this study to speak a very clear word to me personally, a word that has given me a new purpose in life.

As I went with our group of ladies through this study, I kept hearing one message over and over and over again. It was simply this: Your focus needs to be on finishing the work I have called you to do.

After losing our special needs and medically fragile son David last November, my husband and I had been sensing one long season of our lives was over and it was time for a new focus. For thirty-four years, meeting David’s needs had been the center of our lives around which everything else revolved. So both of us had been praying for God’s direction for the future. And during this mini-study, I found the direction I was seeking.

Writing has been a love of my life for several years, and it’s time to move forward with God’s plan in this area. In prayer, I’ve sensed two specific focuses for my writing, and I’m now in the process of taking my new Goal and turning it into a plan to make it more than just a wish. And it was time to put that decision down on paper.

I’m currently working on doing more articles for God-Living Girls and my blog, as well as in the planning stage of writing my first Bible study. Since I celebrated my seventy-first birthday earlier this year, I don’t know how many years I have to finish the work that God created me to do. But in this past month, doing that has become my burning desire.

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: GOAL

  1. Thank you for sharing. So thankful that as you step out in obedience, God is comforting you and giving you new dreams. Blessings as you seek what He has for you. (Visiting from FMF #25)

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    • Thanks. The Lord spoke to my husband and I the day of our son’s funeral, through some kind words from the pastor conducting the service, that we were entering into a new season and needed to seek God for His direction. That has been our desire, and He is speaking.

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  2. Thank you for not only sharing, but for your obedience. May you continue to position yourself to receive His instructions on what to write, to who, and when. #FMFCommunity

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  3. I love that quote….goals need a plan! But I need to keep my plans “loose” or they become my taskmaster and I can easily lose sight of His goals. Enjoyed your post…visiting (a little late) from FMF!

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