Front Row Seats – The Best Seats in the House?

A great post by one of my best friends. Seeing our situations from God’s perspective is great when we can do so. But even when we don’t understand why, knowing God does gives comfort in the midst of the storm.

Living With Eyz2God

Up close and personal…That’s what ffrront row seats get you…

A chance to see the action on the field, on the ice…or experience the feeling of being right there on stage with the actors or the musicians…

But here’s something to think on…

Are front row seats really the best seats in the house? Do you really see all the action? Or might you be missing what’s going on behind the scenes…off stage…on the sidelines…

True, having front row seats allows you the smack-dab-in-your-face perspective…but what about seats in the balcony and the view they afford…

When we sit close to the front we have a limited view of the stage or playing field – and can only see what’s close to us – we see what’s happening now – directly in front of our eyes.

But when we sit in the balcony we have a broader view –…

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