A New Collection

It’s Friday and time to join the Five Minute Friday writing community. Each week, Kate Motaung gives a prompt and for five minutes we do free and unedited writing on the week’s topic. Today’s prompt is: COLLECT

As a child, I lived near the beach and enjoyed collecting sea shells. I once had a large collection, but only a few extra special ones went with me into my married life.

As an adult, I began collecting photos and small models of lighthouses. I atill enjoy looking at my lighthoses, which remind me that Jesus is the Light of the World.

But recently I’ve been thinking of beginning a new kind of collection – a collection of answers to prayer. This isn’t an original idea. It was suggested in The Battle Plan for Prayer Bible study video series, which we are currently watching in our Sunday School class. What a great idea!

There are lots of ways to do this. The Kendrick brothers who produced War Room on which this series is based have a Memory Wall of photos of prayers God has answered. Answers to prayer kept in a journal is another idea. The idea is to have some form of answered prayer collection that I can look at and remember what God has done for me in the past in answer to prayer. Remembering what God has done for us in the past is one of the best faith builders when new problems arise and we commit them to prayer.


7 thoughts on “A New Collection

  1. I like to remember answers to prayer as well. I even have a thank you book inspired by Ann Voskamp’s 1,000 gifts book. I love looking at different seashells as well. Haven’t collected any in a long time 🙂 x


    • I keep a journal where I write out my prayers and answers, but I’m currently thinking of doing a collection of answers to prayer in a new way – maybe a Pinterest page on which I’ll post a graphic for each time God answers a prayer for our family.


  2. I once knew of someone who had a curio in their main entry way with what-nots that meant nothing by themselves…but if you asked about them – they were all specific reminders of answers to prayer! Great idea here….

    Have a great weekend!


    • Sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, we don’t have a free wall or even a curio to use for this, so I am planning on starting a Pinterest page entitled My Wall of Answered Prayers, to which I’ll add photos or graphics of answered prayer.


  3. Great idea !
    My dad always stops me when I tell him an answered prayer and says “let’s thank God now. so we don’t forget. We don’t want to forget to thank Him when He answers us,” Like your idea. Only yours is tangible and written


    • The purpose of making it written or doing a Wall of Answered Prayer is that it’s easy to remember what God did for us in the past when we face a new problem where we need God’s intervention. Your dad’s idea of stopping to thank God for an answer to prayer isn’t a substitute but a wise addition to what I shared.


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