Five Minute Friday: Play

It’s Friday and time to join the Five Minute Friday writing community. Each week, Kate Motaung gives a prompt and for five minutes we do free and unedited writing on the week’s topic. Today’s prompt is: PLAY

When I saw today’s topic, I almost decided to skip posting this week. After all, it’s been an extremely busy week, I have an appointment this afternoon, and taking one more week off from writing was not an unreasonable adjustment.

But then I decided to look up the definition for play using my Meriam Webster Dictionary app. One meaning jumped out at me, and suddenly I knew exactly what I needed to write on.

Play – recreational activity; especially : the spontaneous activity of children


I love watching children play, but at this point of my life this isn’t a thing that happens very often. Two words stood out to me from this definition: recreational activity.

Because of the effects of several chronic illnesses on my body, I am no longer able to play sports or participate in activities we typically think of as play. But I do recognize the importance of balancing work and recreational activities.

I have an extremely busy schedule, spending time daily in the Word of God and prayer, managing paperwork for our special needs son and home-based business, being on the leadership team for a large and growing Christian ministry for ladies with chronic illness, writing for my blog, and currently preparing to lead a study on prayer for our Sunday School class. Even though most of these are things I enjoy doing, they still fall under the category of work, leaving little room for relaxation.

A life with all work and no play leads to stress and shut-down. That’s not how I want to live. So I’m learning to set aside some time every day to do something I enjoy. While these activities are not what we typically think of as play, they serve the same purpose. They help me to relax and be refreshed. My fun activites include listening to music, reading, and occasionally playing a few rounds of  Solidaire or Spider on my iPad.

I used to feel guilty for taking time for relaxing, but God has been showing me this is false guilt. My life is often filled with stress, and relaxation is an important part of dealing with stress.

So my message to you today is simple: Take time to play!

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Play

  1. I have the same difficulty – setting aside time to play. I list too many “have to”. Trying to change my attitude to “get to” or “enjoy to” – and play more! Thank you for sharing.


    • Thanks for your comment, Peggi. Balancing out busy lives with some “me” time is so important. Learning to enjoy the things that are a part of daily life is important, and I don’t find that difficult, but we still need some time each day to just relax and refresh or we’ll quickly become burned out.


    • Just read your post, Peggi. Love your idea of play as enjoying ourselves, whatever we are doing. Based on this, I’m learning to incorporate play into many parts of my life. (Couldn’t find a way to directly comment on your post)


  2. Commenting from the Five Minute Friday community: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on play. First of all I am sorry your body doesn’t allow for what typically is thought of as play. At our house we are learning to adjust to life with early stages Parkinson’s. We are learning we can still play and have fun and enjoy life… at a slower pace requiring more patience, but we can still play and enjoy life. We might even laugh more now that we are learning to slow down. Secondly, thank you for your insight and wisdom here. I appreciate you taking the time to share…and not skip! We all would have lost out had you not taken the time to post this Friday!


    • Thanks for your comment, Lisa. It is a major adjustment learning to adjust to life with a serious medical diagnosis such as Parkinson’s. Learing to balance daily life and work with relaxation and play is an essential coping tool, especially when living with chronic illness or other stressful situations.

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  3. You have a very full life. I am glad that you have some ways to relax. Thank-you for visiting and leaving a comment on my post. Have a blessed weekend.


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