Winning Over Worry: Betrayal

The following is a short devotional I wrote on Psalm 55, to share with a group I work with. I decided to also share it on my blog today, since it is a subject many ladies with chronic illness struggle with.


Few things are more painful than the betrayal of a close friend. The pain of unfaithfulness by someone we trust is difficult to deal with, and though Psalm 55 does not give us any details on what had happened we can feel David’s hurt.

In this situation, David knew what to do. In his distress, he cried out to the Lord for help. Three things stood out to me in these verses.
1. David honestly expressed the pain he was feeling, pouring out the anguish of his heart to God.
2. David also prayed in faith, expecting the Lord to hear and respond.
3. This was not a one time prayer: evening, morning and noon David cried out the his God for help. Apparently, peace did not come the first time David prayed, so he continued praying until he was confident that God was in control and would help him.

Victory over worry isn’t always a quick and easy process. But honestly telling the Lord (and sometimes others whom we trust) what we are facing is a key to winning over worry. Pray in both honesty and trust, and keep praying until you sense breakthrough. No matter what you are facing today, apply these three steps of prayer to have victory over worry.


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