Five Minute Friday: More

As soon as I read today’s word for Five Minute Friday, one verse of Scripture came to mind, Ephesians 3:20. We serve a God “who  is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.” And almost immediately, a question came to mind: Do I really believe this? 

I want to respond with the cliche, “God says it, I believe it,” but when I look at my life I know this would not be honest. I struggle to believe God will do MORE THAN ALL I ASK OR IMAGINE.  I believe God is at work in my life, and yet years of asking and not receiving what I was hoping for have caused me to doubt this promise of Scripture. In my life, this especially applies to the area of healing.

Could this apparent contradiction between God’s Word and personal experience simply be from a lack of undnerstanding of God’s ways? What I see as a blessing, God is His greater wisdom may see as a hinderance to my spiritual growth. So beautiful promises such as this one must be balanced with the overall message of Scripture. 

God doesn’t always give us what we desire, because He knows in some cases what we desire isn’t the best for us.  While we are only looking at today, He is looking at eternity. I don’t claim to fully understand this verse, but I suspect we will understand it more fully when we see Christ Jesus face to face. And for now, I’m choosing to trust that God is always good, kind, and faithful, even when in my human mind all the pieces of the puzzle don’t fit together.

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: More

  1. I was trying to explain this rather complicated concept to my 7 year old daughter today. I try to explain to her that God has our best in mind. In the same way, her father and I also want what is best for her, even if it doesn’t appear like that to her. Our limited perspective makes it so difficult to anticipate or understand the mind of God. I comfort myself by believing that he really does know better than I do. (Not that it isn’t hard to believe sometimes.)

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    • The two Scriptures that have helped me the most when struggling with this are Proverbs 3:5, which warns us of not leaning on our own understanding, and the passage in Isaiah 55 about God’s thoughts and ways being higher than ours (verses 8-9). Sometimes it’s just a matter of choosing to trust when we cannot understand.


  2. It’s so hard when we believe God is able but we wonder why he doesn’t do what seems so obviously to us to be a good thing. I agree, we have to hold on to his goodness and his faithfulness even when we can’t understand why our prayers are not answered as we would like.

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