#Five Minute Friday: Sing

I love being able to go to church and sing praises to the Lord. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a trained musician and my singing is little more than making “a joyful noise” to the Lord, but singing has always been a real joy in my life. Until Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday, I was grateful to finally be able to attend one of the worship services at our church. This was my first time actually being in a service since having extensive neck surgery last July. My husband and I have been going to our Sunday School class, but he felt going to both that and the worship service would be too tiring for me. But on Easter, Sunday School classes were cancelled and we decided to go to one of the worship services. I was doing fine until I tried to sing.

During my neck surgery, the nerve in my right vocal cord was damaged, and as a result it is now paralyzed. This has caused numerous problems with coughing, projecting my voice and even swallowing, but it seems to be getting better so I was surprised at what happened when I tried to join in the worship time. I could get out a few words and then my voice would crack and I couldn’t continue. It quickly became obvious that I would not be doing much singing. So my worship became silent, in my heart.

I’ve loved Ephesians 5: 18-19 for many years, but suddenly these verses took on new meaning. Because of my paralyzed vocal cord, I can not currently sing. But true worship is more than singing. It takes place in the heart, and I had a delightful time of worshiping the Lord on Easter Sunday, even if I couldn’t sing.

7 thoughts on “#Five Minute Friday: Sing

  1. Hi Barbara, chronic illness alone can make church attendance, never mind singing, challenging. It’s something I struggle with too. I’m sorry you were unable to sing as you wanted to at the Easter Sunday service. But what a lovely gift God gave you in being able to see worship as more a state of the heart than an ability to sing freely! I hope and pray you will soon recover from your neck op, and continue to enjoy worshipping God with a grateful heart. Blessings to you from your FMF neighbour! 🙂

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    • I agree, Joy. God seems to use the limitations from my chronic illnesses as one of His best teaching tools, and this experience was no different. I needed the reminder that true worship is more than singing songs – it takes place in the heart.

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      • Barbara, I can so relate to the constraints of chronic illness being one of the best “teaching tools” from the Lord. We certainly see His strength made manifest in our weakness! And we learn patient endurance through our struggles. Have a blessed weekend. ☺

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