When I saw today’s Five Minute Friday topic, I knew I needed to write about my recent experience with shortness of breath. 

I was recovering well from neck surgery, and it was time for a follow-up appointment with my primary physician to evaluate how I was doing. As Mitch and I prepared to leave for the doctor’s visit, we decided to make this my first outing without my wheelchair. So I grabbed my walker and headed for the car. 

The walk from our car to the office was short, with no obvious problems. But when my doctor came to the door to take me back to her office, the problems started. The short walk left me seriously short of breath. What in the world was going on? My doctor was obviously concerned. Thus began a new experience in my journey of dealing with chronic illness.

The need to breathe is something God built into our bodies, and when something interferes with fulfilling that need changes are required. Last week, after numerous medical tests, I finally learned that my breathing problems are related to a new problem with my heart. 

So this week I’m starting down a new path in my chronic illness journey. That started with new medications, but I don’t know what else lies ahead. In the midst of change, I’m leaning on the Lord who formed my body for grace and strength to walk this new path. His grace has been ENOUGH in the past, and I’m confident I’ll find His grace sufficient in this new hurdle as well.

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