A Doorway of Hope

As 2016 came to an end, I began half-heartedly seeking God for a “word of the year” for 2017. Seeking, because choosing joy as last year’s word was a big help in keeping a good attitude in tough circumstances. Why half-heartedly? Mainly because the last few months have been extremely difficult, and I was discouraged. 

After a successful neck surgery in July and a couple months of hard work to regain my strength, things suddenly did an about-turn in October. During a routine surgery follow-up appointment with my primary physician, I had an extremely severe episode of shortness of breath from simply walking from the waiting to an exam room using my walker. As weeks passed, I’ve had to accept that this wasn’t just a single episode, but rather a new long-term issue to deal with.

All of this started three months ago, and my doctor is still in the process of trying to find the cause of these sudden changes. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are behind us, and a new year lies ahead. In spite of my hesitancy to seek God concerning a word for 2017, He clearly spoke to my heart this is to be my Year of Hope.

 I’ve been in God’s Word daily, spent time praying and seeking God’s face, even started an article on hope a couple times. Pain, difficulty concentrating, and other health issues have kept those articles from being completed. Yet Hope has found another outlet in the midst of the pain and other undiagnosed problems: through digital Bible journaling on some of the verses I’ve read and studied. Here are a few of the things the Holy Spirit has been impressing upon my heart concerning Hope.

Still learning about how God will turn this Valley of trouble into a Gateway of hope, so this is a subject I’ll probably revisit at a later time. For now I’ll close with a few more graphics of verses God is using to speak to my heart.

6 thoughts on “A Doorway of Hope

  1. I like your graphics and the verses you’ve used, and I’m glad you are finding hope in God in the midst of all the difficulties and uncertainty. Hope really is an anchor for our soul. Continuing to pray for you!

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    • Thanks, Leslie. Having the hope we find in the Lord to focus on has been a help during these first few days of 2017. And when I don’t feel well enough to do much writing, one of the best ways I’ve found of encouraging myself in the Lord is through digital Bible art journaling. Thanks for the prayers, and for staying in touch.

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  2. Thank you Barbara! Artwork is beautiful and the verses together – just what I needed! I pray that HOPE will sustain you all through the year. Is it correct to think that imagining the good changes in specific details would be exercising hope? I am trying to distinguish Godly hope from wishful thinking. What do you think?

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    • Thanks for your sweet comments, Lyudmila. To answer your question about Godly hope, it is based on believing, on knowing what God has promised in His Word is true. In modern English, hope is usually thought of as desiring something but with no real assurance of getting what you desire. But biblical hope is based on our knowledge of God’s character, His promises, and His power to do what He has promised.


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