Seeking God with Our Whole Heart familiar verse from Jeremiah came to mind as I read today’s devotional for our God-Living Girls with Chronic Illness Bible study. This devotional for our study on Jehovah Jireh begins with the following words:  “If we expect God to provide,  we first have to seek Him.”

Seeking God is a major focus of my life right now. And I am a witness to the truth of this verse. In the place of waiting for a potentially life-changing spinal surgery, I’ve been doing lots of seeking God. In a situation like this, knowing God’s will is especially important, and the way to learn and walk in His will is to seek Him.

How do we seek God? First our seeking is to be with all our heart. James tells us that coming to God with a divided heart or (as James says) being double-minded, he or she won’t receive anything from the Lord. To seek God without the intention of obeying what He shows us is being double-minded.

Two other keys to seeking God with a whole heart and spending time in His Word and prayer every day. Whether we are looking to Him as Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, or seeking Him for wisdom, He will speak to us through His Word, in our spirit where the Holy Spirit dwells, and as we spend time in His presence in prayer. God also sometimes speaks to us through other people, but everything we hear must line up with the written Word of God.

I encourage you to join me today, in spending time seeking God with all our hearts and without doubt. He is waiting to spend time with us!                   

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