Five Minute Friday: A Safe Haven

This has been a difficult season, as I wait for the neurosurgeon’s office to call and let me know when my cervical spine surgery will be done. I’ve been waiting for a while, then finally found a doctor who understood that my worse pain was in my neck and upper back. I’ve been cleared for surgery with my primary doctor, and now the waiting should be coming to an end soon, as the hospital schedules the surgery sometime in June.

During times of difficulty, I’m learning to look to God as my safe haven. My emotions may be on a roller coaster, but He is always constant. My battle with fear may be ongoing, but He is my source of faith. I’m so grateful to have a safe haven to turn to in times of anxiety.

One of the ways that God has helped me during this waiting time has been through the prayers and encouragement of a special group of ladies who understand what I’m going through. Participating in this group of ladies who love Jesus and all suffer with chronic illness has been a constant reminder that I’m not alone, that God is with me and that He has provided amazing support to help me keep my eyes on Him. They are a second safe haven, yet really part of the first one since they are continually reminding me to not place my hope in people but in God.

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