Another school year was starting. My kindergarten students were sitting at their tables, usually very shy because they didn’t yet know one another. Once everyone was seated, I handed out the first worksheets of the year. I carefully explained that they were to look at the pictures in the fist row and put a big X on the picture in that row that was different and therefore did not belong. And we did this one row at a time, until the assignment was completed.

To me as the teacher, this was a simple exercise to determine how advanced each child was in their learning. But looking back many years later, I’m wondering about the message this accepted activity gave some of the slower children. When we went over the correct answers, did some of these precious four and five year olds receive the message: You are different, so you don’t belong?

I suspect all of us have felt like we didn’t belong at times. I know I have. But I don’t believe this is how God meant for us to be. He made us to be part of a community. Starting with the family unit, God wants us to feel a part of a group. In the church, community is also important. We are not meant to be alone and self-sufficient. We will all have times when we need the support of others.

This has become especially clear to me in recent weeks. Other than being around my immediate family, if it weren’t for social media, this would have been a very lonely time. The only times I’ve been able to leave the house have been for medical appointments. It’s been more than a month since I’ve been able to attend a church service or social event, because of one health problem after another. But I haven’t lived in a vacuum.

While I’d rather be in the physical presence of my friends, being in contact through social media is a close second. Because we have already built relationships, a quick chat on Facebook or a series of emails does wonders in helping me get past the feelings of loneliness. So does reading blogs written by my writing friends and responding. And being an active part of God-Living Girls, a Christian Bible study and support group for ladies with chronic illnesses, makes it easy to talk to someone who understands what I’ve been going through. I’ve built solid, caring relationships in my life, some in person and some through social media, and because of this I always have a place where I feel like I belong. Having a healthy social network provides a place to vent when I feel overwhelmed, to be supported during the difficult times, and to support others who are facing difficulties.  And it helps me to see my circumstances from a clearer perspective, from others whom aren’t so close to the problems I’m walking through.

As it says in Ecclesiastes, two are better than one. Whether it’s two friends, husband and wife, and parent and child, this is always true. I encourage any of you who do not have a support network in your lives to begin building one. Then, no matter what happens, you will know that you belong!

6 thoughts on “Belonging

  1. This is great- it’s so true that we all need a place to belong, where we can connect with others and give and receive support. It must be frustrating not to be able to go out and do all the things you’d like to do, but I’m glad you’ve been able to keep in touch with friends through social media and to find online communities to be a part of too.

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    • Carly, having an online group of ladies who love the Lord and know what it’s like to have chronic illnesses has been one of the best things that have happened in my life. Several months ago, I tried attending a chronic illness and pain group in my church, led by a Christian counselor, but it was very disappointing. But listening to everyone complain about their problems without any solutions being offered was just depressing.

      But God-Living Girls with Chronic Illness is exactly the opposite. We have a “secret” Facebook group where we can freely share with one another (without anyone else seeing what we write) when we are in pain. We pray for one another and share Scripture and Biblical principles that encourage us. And we do daily Bible studies or appropriate book studies that turn our eyes off of our problems and onto the Lord’s sufficiency. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this special group of ladies.

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  2. You said everything that is on my heart about GLG and the ladies in that group. Amazing how you can connect with women you’ve never “met” on a deeper level than even with those you’ve known for years.

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    • Dianna, I think our relationship was the first time that happened for me. And after becoming a part of GLG and communicating with some fellow writers, the list has gotten longer.


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