Does God’s Word Dwell in You?

The word dwell speaks primarily of living somewhere as a resident, not just as a visitor. We dwell in a house in Houston, Texas. If we go to visit friends or family in another city or state, Houston will still be our residence. As long as this is our home, we can say Houston is where we dwell.

Most of us are familiar with the truth that the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts. This began as soon as we became believers in Christ, accepting His gift of salvation and surrendering our lives to His Lordship. But we’re less acquainted with the command that we are to “let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly.”  Just as the Holy Spirit has taken up residence in our hearts, now the Word of Christ is to also dwell there. And we have a part in this process.

This starts with us being in God’s Word on a daily basis. We “dwell” in God’s Word, until it “dwells” in us. Reading Scripture daily, studying what it meant to the original readers, asking God how it applies to me today, and applying it to the situations I’m facing today – all of these are a part of allowing the Word of Christ to dwell in us richly. And it’s not a one-time process. The Word of God is to increasingly dwell within us, as we continue to partake of it daily. When this happens, God’s Word has the power to progressively transform our lives into the image of Christ.

Are you dwelling in the Word of God on a daily basis? Is it dwelling in you, making you the new creation that Christ means you to be?




6 thoughts on “Does God’s Word Dwell in You?

  1. I love that verse in Colossians. It’s not one I’ve noticed coming up in any of the other FMF posts I’ve read so I like that you focussed on that. Taking time to read God’s Word each day and let it dwell in us makes such a difference.


  2. I had read your FMF post and a couple others, and I didn’t want to duplicate them. I was torn between the verses in Colossians and the one in Psalm 133 about us dwelling together in unity, both good focuses for this post. But this verse seemed easier to write on in five minutes. I haven’t been doing many of these FMF posts, because I really have a hard time writing what I want to get across in five minutes, without editing, but this was too good a prompt to ignore.


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