On Being a Writer: Engage (Chapter 9)

I’m joining with the online discussion group that Kate Motaung is hosting on her blog Heading Home, based on the book On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life that Lasts, by Ann Krocker & Charity Singleton Craig. Today’s chapter is Engage, with the discussion on interacting with other writers, artists, and others who support my writing.

“Hello, Anne…. Sure, I’d love to come over for lunch.” And such would begin another day of interacting with a dear friend and fellow writer. In my early days of writing, Anne and I spent many hours together, as she showed me ways to cut away content that wasn’t needed, or she helped me find a better way to say what I was trying to get across. With her help, I was able to send in my first article to a national magazine and it was accepted for publication and needed very little editing once they received it. During that season, my husband and I also attended to Christian Writers’ Workshops, which were very enlightening. The kind of interaction discussed in this chapter was an important part of my life.

Forward about fifteen years. Because of multiple chronic illnesses and constant pain, I no longer drive. Anne is also unable to drive to my home. So any fellowship with Anne or any other writers is very limited. With my husband’s busy schedule as he takes contract video production jobs for clients to pay our bills, and uses every free moment working on pre-production for his first full-length Christian movie, time for visiting outside our home is almost non-existent. Any support and input I now receive from other writers or creative people (other than my husband) is usually by phone or online. Seasons change, and with God’s help we learn to adjust to the changes. But I want to encourage my sisters in this writing group to make every effort to find at least one or two fellow writers to interact with. It makes writing much better when you have input from other writers.


3 thoughts on “On Being a Writer: Engage (Chapter 9)

  1. Love your post! I found you on Kate’s page. I’m a younger writer who struggles to find time to interact with other writers too. It’s a juggle between part time work and full time mother/wife-hood! I do enjoy the quiet of the early pre-dawn though for stumbling upon gems like these. So many lovely Christian women writers out there! Write on!

    I did notice a liittle spelling error on the editing paragraph…was that meant to be there!? I hope you have a lovely day, and that you relish the ability to still write. Jenn

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